Monday, August 6, 2007


I knit and felted this bowl this past week using Brown Sheep wool in color Blue Blood Red. After felting, I used a metal bowl for shaping it. I could really get addicted to making these and already am itching to make some more. They knit up quickly and turn out beautifully. The felting process took about an hour in the washing machine.


carrie said...

the color is beautiful. i've always wondered how felting is you have a book?

Felicia said...

Love that little bowl. I knitted and felted several for gifts and everyone loved them :)

sew nancy said...

Felicia- I was thinking of making them as gifts as well. I really love them.
Carrie- as for felting...there are various methods. The bowl is knit and then felted in the washing machine in hot water set to agitate you never let it go through the cycle all the way. You need a top loader machine. There is also wet felting and needle felting that can be done with wool roving. i love all the various methods.