Thursday, August 23, 2007

the mitten

This book is heavy on rotation this week. If you do not know this story, it is quite charming.

It is about a boy named Nicki who wants white mittens and so his Baba (Grandmother) knits them for him even though she is concerned he will lose them in the snow. He soon loses one mitten and then a mole, a badger, a rabbit, an owl, a hedgehog, a fox, a bear and finally a mouse take refuge inside the mitten. The mouse's whiskers tickle the bear's nose which makes the bear sneeze and the animals fly out of the mitten. Nicki's mitten sails through the air and so he finds his lost mitten this way.

This is one strong mitten. I think Baba must have knit it with super powers.

Here is my version for Little M. I just had to make him some so he could have his own white mittens.


carrie said...

i'm a teacher, so i know that book well. very cute white mittens!!

Felicia said...

He'll love having is own mittens to enjoy along with the story :)

Dacia said...


Liz Harvatine said...

We had that book when I was younger. I think it was more for my younger siblings than me, I don't think it's that old. I always liked it though!

Marfa said...

Adorable little white mittens, I know it couldn't really stretch as big...we love Jan Brett.