Tuesday, August 14, 2007

little m's room

I thought it might be fun to do a 'corners of my home' and show some pics of Little M's room

First up is a painting by an acquantiance of ours named Hamish Kilgour. We adore this painting and so does Little M. The painting actually came years before his arrival.

Next a print from Stella Im Hultberg
This is titled 'I'll keep you warm' and I love that the little child is wrapping a scarf around the little birds

This is part of the scene on his non-working fireplace mantle...some animals, knit booties, vintage miniature children's books including a miniature copy of Hamlet for him to read during his downtime....hehe....

what you see when you look up

one side of a shelf showing one of the Jenn Docherty animals I own, M's initials and a jar of marbles

recently purchase paper doll set from Wool and Water that I put together last week and framed.

recently acquired vintage children's table for crafts, snacks, puzzles...

my brother Christopher's old toy box with some of little m's cars, trains and his plane

an old family heirloom china cabinet that we painted and use for storage

really great animal letterpress cards

a handmade bird stuffie from this shop which I love.


carrie said...

your house is so light and beautiful...i am especially jealous of your china cabinet!

Amelia Plum said...

Love seeing all the sweet parts of little M's room. I also am extremely jealous of your china cabinet, I think I remember seeing that in a post of yours months ago and coveting it then. The color you painted it is wonderful.

melissa said...

Very cute stuff. I would love to see a photo that shows the whole room.