Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I made 4 of these over the weekend and I have one more to complete. I will split them between my Etsy shop and Mackey Blue. I love making them. I think they are great for room decor, birthday party decorations, shelves etc.
I have another style of garland that I've made one of so far that I plan to make more of. I can't remember if I've shown it before here or not but, I love it. Mysterious, I know.
I had all sorts of things planned for this week including sewing a dress for a little one that I have all cut out and ready to go but, it seems the cold from last week has reappeared as of yesterday and I feel terrible so, I think I'll sign off now and get some rest while Little M is sleeping because I know he'll be ready to go when he wakes up even if I'm not plus, I've got work tonight.

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