Monday, March 31, 2014

broken dishes quilt

I had this quilt top done in October and just got around to finishing it last week. It is machine quilted and I used the same linen blend fabric for the binding.

The pattern is from the Purl Bee though I changed it up a bit and made mine larger.
Some more details can be found here.

Sewing the blocks is always the fun part for me and I also like hand sewing the binding to the back at the end. It's the middle stages of quilting I am not overally fond of. Unless, I am handquilting with sashiko stitches and thread because that is my favorite type of hand quilting. Perhaps I would feel differently about machine quilting if I had another sewing machine that handles it better then mine does.

I have so many in the works projects so finishing up something big feels extra nice and is one way to make more space both in my craft room and in my mind.

It's all ready to take a spin in the washing machine to get fluffed up a bit..

It may be Spring on the calendar but I'm still piling the quilts at night.

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