Thursday, March 13, 2014

blue tutu

My girl has stuck with ballet for 3 years now and this Spring she will be in her fourth recital. I am a big fan of the ballet but, I have yet to take her to a professional performance. It is on my to do list for Spring!

She is in her blue phase now (new favorite color) and although she has a beautiful blue satin and tulle dress I could not resist another piece with blue tulle especially since I find the color so striking on her.

I made her this multicolored version a few years ago and it was sewn the same way.


jen said...

That blue is perfect on her.

jenn said...

She looks so lovely in blue! I try to steer my blonde blue eyed girls to blue too. So pretty!
I love that second picture. So dreamy with the frothy blue tulle. you're such a good mama! xoxo ♥

Amelia Plum said...

I love the second picture of her. She is beautiful! Such a perfect blend of you and Mick.