Saturday, March 22, 2014

trapeze dress in washed silk

I've been wanting to sew a silk dress for some time. About a month ago, I found the perfect washed silk in black at Mood Fabrics and ordered 3 yards. When it came I didn't even open the box as I originally thought I'd develop my own dress pattern but, was a little nervous about executing my concept. Then a few weeks ago while looking at the Merchant and Mills online shop I switched gears and decided to use the Trapeze Pattern. Chic, simple and comfortable I knew this was going to be a good staple in my wardrobe. Except... silk was not a recommended fabric for the pattern so I was presented with some decisions. I decided to leave off the front and back facings but kept the neck facing and made a small hem at the shoulders. I am happy with this decision and think it was the right choice for me. The sewing went perfectly on Tuesday leaving me with just the hem to finish up which I did by hand.

I love this pattern and will sew it again. I also purchased this pattern, a few fabrics and the notions seen below.

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