Monday, October 21, 2013

broken dishes

Broken Dishes is the name of this quilt pattern and it has been my sewing project the past few weeks. The project idea hails from the Purl Bee and I have followed it except I omitted one step making my quilt top larger.

Here is a diagram of the step I skipped

This shows the 5 1/4 " square and instructs you to cut both ways diagonally. For my quilt I only cut one way yielding bigger squares. So, instead of 4" squares you would get 6" squares and instead of the quilt being 40" x40" it is 48" x 48". The amount of squares in the original is 100 and mine is 48.

I fell in love with this quilt on the Purl Bee because I adore the color scheme of the Kiyohara Linen Blend solids and have enjoyed working with this fabric previously. While cutting and piecing this top I imagined a whole children's line in this beautiful fabric. It has such a soft hand and would make gorgeous spring/summer clothing.

Well, now that the quilt top is finished I will soon begin the process of hand quilting it.

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