Thursday, October 24, 2013

the new york state sheep and wool festival

We made our yearly trip to the New York state sheep and wool festival in Rhinebeck, NY this past Sunday. I think you all know how much I love wool and yarn!

The festival is a knitter's paradise and each year I have a new experience. There are so many vendors and opportunities to learn about various animals and wool crafts such as rug hooking, weaving, felting, natural dyeing and spinning. Also lots of knitting accessories such as exquisite clay buttons, glass shawl closures and wood needles to name a few.

The fall foliage, animals, demonstrations and fair food make it a delight for everyone in the family.

Loop of the Loom was one of my favorites this year and here is the story from the founder. I picked up a few coasters and a pot of Bengala dye.

The Story of Loop of the Loom

Once, I met someone through weaving.
Then, I met another through her.
Both said, "My! It's much fun."
All could share the happiness and excitement I felt when I first wove.
The way you weave is the way you are.
Find yourself, surprise yourself,
and you'll see how beautiful you are.
Everyone is an artist who can move someone else.
Let's sit down and talk it over - the loom and colorful yarns.
Come and join our loop - our circle of SAORI weavers!

Founder of Loop of the Loom

Cephalopod Yarns still holds a special place in my heart and I may have dropped a pretty penny here.To the woman standing next to me I said "That's it, I am not going to buy anymore yarn after this."With a knowing look and laugh she replied and well it takes another addicted person to recognize the symptoms in another.:)

I also always enjoy a visit to the Fiber Craft Studio booth.

"Today, more than ever, the crafts have the mission to reconnect the human being to the Earth and her substances, bring healing to the senses and soul,
and foster the creative capacities of the human being" - Renate Hiller

So much I could say here but I am dyeing to get my hands busy off the computer keys. There are more photos on my instagram. Ba Ba Sheep and Wool. See ewe next year.

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