Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a little sewing with liberty

I have been missing sewing clothes for awhile now so after installing a shorter zipper in a dress I made back in August for myself and putting a halt on my quilt projects I sewed a few simple little girl pieces : a dress and skirt. I have plans to sew some more dresses over the next few weeks that I am looking forward to.

I love the print on this dress and of course it is Liberty of London. The muted gray green, mustard and pops of pink with white are very nice together. I made this one in size 6 for future wear.

Hope to put up a modeling shot soon. It has been hard with after school activities and the fading light to get them.

Edited: Here you go!

Tomorrow: Halloween! Are you ready?


Elizabeth said...

Liberty always makes things instantly special doesn't it! I just spent a kings ransom at Liberty while visiting London this past week :)

sew nancy said...

Yes, it does. I am jealous of your trip to London. I can't wait to see the prints you bought and the clothes you will make with them.