Friday, April 4, 2014

laurel by colette patterns

This is my second dress using Laurel. I chose a slightly different version,one without pockets. The first one was made with a floral print and this time I used a chambray fabric that has an incredible soft hand. The pattern was cut and sewn over 2 days and I wanted to wear it as soon as it was done. I chose to use a shorter zipper then the pattern calls for which I like better. This is moderately simple to sew though getting the details just right takes a bit of patience. I like to hand sew the hem and all the seam bindings to the back. These little details look much nicer hand sewn.

The fabric gets a bit rumpled like a linen when wearing it which I don't mind in a casual dress.

For a bit of fun I'll share some of the music I listened to while sewing this:
The Clean, Stereolab, The Who, White Hassle, Elephant, Frank Sinatra.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Amelia Plum said...

love the grey chambray, it looks very cute with the red tights.