Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wild English Arrangement

Week 2 of of Floral Arranging 101 has been quite an adventure. This lesson is about a wild English Arrangement. In this type of design a round container is used with at least a 5" diameter. A floral frog and tape are also used to help distribute and arrange the stems. Two main flower varieties, filler flowers and a vining flower are the types of flowers here as well as greenery. The shape of the arrangement is asymmetrical. I wished I had a lower urn shaped container to fan it out a little better.

The flower recipe I used for my arrangement:

Greenery- Rose Leaves and blackberry leaves (taken from the front yard)

I have some plants growing in the yard that would have been perfect here but, they have not bloomed yet. At least now when they do show up I will know how to make this type of arrangement and be able to continue testing out this technique.

Hope these blossoms brighten your day. My house is really filling up with flowers. I have a cup of lily of the valley by my bedside that smells and looks amazing.

Ah, Spring...


Elizabeth said...

This one is so beautiful!
I can never find a good place to by lily of the valley, and I love them so much! When I lived in France a few years back, you could find them even at the grocery stores. I bought so much of it, and miss having them around since I moved back. I guess I should actually plant some perhaps!

Do you have to go to a flower market for your blooms?

sew nancy said...

Thank you Elizabeth.

Yes, you should really plant some lily of the valley. They spread nicely and so each year I have had more of them.
I have been buying most of the flowers for this class. I have purchased at a local florist, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's as well as picking greenery from the yard. The orange flower in the previous bouquet came from my yard.
We are slow to bloom in the NE this year and all my fruit and lilac blossoms faded before this week. I guess we can look forward to May flowers in June this year.

I am really enjoying floral design.