Monday, May 20, 2013

martha stewart handbag

The June 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living included three templates for handbags which was the little nudge I needed to get around to using some purse handles I had in my craft room.

I made a lining which it didn't call for but I thought necessary so that it would be sturdy enough for my keys, wallet, lipstick and various other bits that wind up in my bag. The fabric is a small cut I have been holding onto of Echino fabric and I lined it with black linen.

The article in the magazine showcases a few varieties of handles though the ones I have were not in there. These are sewn on with button thread. My handles are U shaped and had openings on either side and the handles used in the article are the type you would slide the fabric through or loop it over which would make for a more finished look. It would be a nice idea to make up a bunch of these as gifts.

Another sewing idea in this issue utilizes linen tea towels to construct little girl clothing and toys. I have two perfect Irish linen tea towels that I have been wanting to turn into clothing for a few years now. In the article the dresses look so cute!

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