Saturday, May 11, 2013

hand tied bouquet

This month I am taking part in Chelsea Fuss's Floral Arranging 101 online course through Nicole's Classes. There are some technical issues with the app (some of the text and links are missing) but, after some struggling (clicking blindly) I did manage to get to the course and view the videos. We have not determined the reason why (the app and my mac compatibility?) but, please don't let this deter anyone from the school.

The first lesson was about conditioning flowers, tools and learning to make a hand tied bouquet. I learned how to arrange in a circular fashion with a variety of flowers, when to mix in greens and having a nice balance. I think each flower pops and works well together in the bouquet I made.

The recipe I used was:

geum (the orange, which I had in my yard)
pink hyacinth
white and red ranunculus
tiny daisies or chamomile? (this was part of a mixed bouquet I picked up and it didn't specify the variety)
greenery (from my yard, again I am not sure of the type as it was planted by previous owners)

I emailed my homework which was this bouquet and a aqua pack since I can't access the galleries and am looking forward to the feedback. I also want to make another one really soon!

Hope all you Mom's have a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

Very nice job!! The course sound fun, I must go investigate. Thanks for sharing!

carrie said...

These are gorgeous!