Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have been experimenting a little with weaving in a very simple style. I have had a small mini loomette for ages that I bought on ebay and then basically thought about once in a while but never got around to using

I have been trying out different wools with varying weights some of which are crewel wool that is very old and seeing what I like the look of. I bought a handmade loom off etsy recently that is a bit bigger and am now waiting on a weave-it that comes with a longer needle so I don't have to use my short darning needle anymore to move the yarn with.

I met Jaime last month who I found out is my neighbor. She does some very nice weavings amongst other things. It is always so nice to meet up with talented women with shared interests.

Here is my small collection I have made thus far. I am still working out making them look more finished on the edges.

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melissa said...

beautiful!! i love these. you are so clever.