Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Here in the USA we had a three day weekend and ours was especially nice.

There was a day at the beach. A bike ride/run on a bike trail complete with farm animals on the way - a donkey, goats, horses and chickens... and unfortunately two bridges that went over a highway. Did I ever tell you I am terrified of bridges? So, I kind of had to run over them with my hands over my ears since they went over a highway...thankfully they were short ones but, still I was scared. I suppose it is good to face fears once in a while.

There was a trip to a peony farm (Peonies Envy) that was in this months Martha Stewart and is actually not too far from where I live. As you can see here it is just gorgeous. There is an amazing swing that hangs from a tree and glides the length of a large house that my daughter just loved to pieces. The owner told me that there used to be two and that her kids would pass each other their toes almost touching. Apparently they now sit on the swing together and catch up when they are home visiting from college. So sweet. It smells like heaven there.

On Memorial Day there was the town parade and a photograph was taken for the 90th year celebration in front of Town Hall and then there was the rubber duck races. Yes, our town likes to race ducks. See here. There was some time with friends and lots of strawberry picking because the front yard exploded this weekend. More on that soon.


Jenniffer said...

Wow- those are so gorgeous. I love peonies! Mine are just starting to open, but they aren't very large.
Sounds like a very full and very fun weekend for your family. Ooo- and strawberries too!

Blaze said...

Beautiful photos! I love peonies and had them in my wedding! They smell divine!

dacia said...