Wednesday, May 16, 2012

reading nook pillows

These large pillows were sitting in the attic closet waiting for too long so I made some simple pillow covers from sturdy fabric for the kids to use in the sunroom. I try to rotate books from upstairs to down and place them in there where they do a great deal of playing to encourage reading. Well, Matthew reads as of January and Scarlet just a little but, she tries.

I thought these pillows and the little rug would serve as a nice spot to rest and look at a book.

Other times they sit on them to play in the barn, throw in the teepee for pretend sleepovers or to watch a movie.

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Catherine Flynn said...

Thanks for posting about your cushions, they look lovely and it has made me think about making some especially to help encourage my little boy to read. I love books and he's got loads, but he also doesn't like to stay still for long! Creating a snuggly area for him to sit in might be a good idea. :-) Hope to see some fabric that will be good for reading cushions soon.