Wednesday, May 30, 2012

swingset skirt

I made the swing set skirt again. It's a good pattern, what can I say...

I had it cut out a few months ago and sometimes I like to sew up what I know. I say this with even more emphasis today as I am currently sewing a dress from a vintage pattern that doesn't have the original pattern pieces just someones copies and one was obviously wrong or damaged so I had to rework it and am at the point of thought where I do hope it fits her after the effort and that it looks nice. Time will tell. Anyway, back to the skirt it's one of those things I like to make again and again because it fits really well and for a few years and it's familiar.

Here are some photos of the other ones I've made. The brown one was just retired.

Looking at these I can easily say my favorites are the Liberty and the yellow linen one. Though I like the fact I did make the top that is part of the set once.

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