Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday S

Today is Scarlet's 4th birthday. At 4:33 PM.

We had a very exciting weekend starting off Saturday morning with a pretend sleepover/pajama party at our house with some of her friends. The party had dancing, face painting, crafts, games, breakfast and fairy cakes. A giant golden balloon, origami butterflies, confetti system garland and balloons. The girls got the surprise balls I said I would make with a ball, bird pin, tiny horse and a chocolate kiss. There was a piƱata too.

Sunday was another party here with Grammie, Pop Pop, Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelly and today I visited her preschool which was fun as I got to see her in action. There was music class today and I learned a song about bluebirds flying through the window. The kids hold hands in a circle and then one is the bird and taps another and slowly they all become bluebirds. The children raise their hands for the bluebirds to fly through the window. So cute. Also, more fairy cakes were had.

I am so lucky to have this little girl in my life who is happy, sweet, smart and creative. She has a great sense of humor and is certainly the funniest, lightest one of us all.
Of course, I say all these things being her Mom but really it's true plus she is my best girl friend. I am lucky indeed.

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jenn said...

Happy Birthday to Scarlet!! It looks like she had a great day! What a fun party idea, too!