Monday, January 30, 2012

beauty sleep

I am working on preparations for a certain someone's birthday party this weekend. She will be turning four in a week!
We are doing a pretend sleepover party because certainly the little girls are a twee young for a real one.
We have lot of fun times planned for the party and I made these sleep masks for all the girls which we will also play a game with while they are here. The polka dot fabric is backed with the softest organic cotton fleece.

She has been asking for a nightgown for winter and since the only cotton flannel I had was white I went with that. I added the hearts since Valentine's day is around the corner. The pattern for the nightgown is Butterick B4910 and I think I will get a lot of good use out of it. I chose View D.


Amelia Plum said...

very cute pajama top. especially with the red tights. hope she has a wonderful birthday, be sure to put pics up from the party. said...


I love looking at your blog and seeing what you have been crafting, it breaks up my lunch time a treat at work.

I have just bought the Butterick pattern as I have been searching for this exact shape for months I even resorted to looking on e bay at vintage ones to get the shape!

Thanks again will report back on the making as my daughter is just about to refuse PJ's for a more girly option.


Jenniffer said...

Love the nittie- especially the sweet pink hearts. It really reminds me of the clothes my Grammie used to make for me.
I hope the birthday party turns out fantastically! Those sleep masks are great- love the polka dot fabric!

Dacia said...

so cute! i love those little masks. what a fun party she will have. :)