Friday, January 6, 2012

Sunki - a pocket dress and leggings

It had been a while since I had sewn any clothes for S and I was itching to get back to my sewing room after a little break over the holidays. I had purchased this pattern in December by Figgy's Patterns called Sunki. I was immediately drawn to it's lines, the pockets and the sleeves. Of course I also really love the Ikat fabric it was made in. How gorgeous is that fabric? That it included a pattern for leggings too was a nice touch.

This was my first time sewing from Figgy's Patterns and I really give it good marks because the instructions were very clear and easy to follow and the design was great. I made the size 4/5.

My goal was to use fabric I had in my stash which I sort of worried about because I wanted it to be a pattern and not a quilting cotton. When I laid out my pattern pieces on this Liberty of London cord I couldn't believe I had enough. You may remember I used the fabric before when I made this dress. I was happy to use it again and also thrilled that I found a knit fabric for the leggings that went with it because the only other knit I had enough of was pink.

Now I have my eye on the Ofelia pattern and the Bubble skirt in the Figgy's line.
A label is included with the pattern which I placed on the leggings for her.


Figgy's said...

Liberty Cord! It's gorgeous and I hope she loves wearing it. Thank you so much for this post!!!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful and very stylish!

Amelia Plum said...

once again you've made something for your daughter that i'd like a grown up version of. that pocket dress is adorable and i love the fabric you used for it. very cute with the leggings too.

leslie said...

love it! can't wait to try this in corduroy, too.