Wednesday, January 11, 2012

surprise balls

I've become enamored with surprise balls and after nosing around on the internet have settled on this cupcake style to use for party favors for Ms. S's birthday next month. I decided to try it out last night and my first time came out okay and now I know the few tweaks I want to change:

* cut the strips thinner to around 3/4 inch
* use the rotary cutter so they are even
* try to keep them tight, round and a little smaller to fit in the cupcake wrapper like the blue one.

pretty basic changes

Now to find cute tiny little things for all the girls that will attend. I used tiny things I found around my studio such as stickers, fake flowers, a bell, pin, tiny ballerina, a mirror locket and a small wood stamp. Tiny candies, sequins, little animals are some other ideas i have. How about you?
I made two testers so I can get opinions from my kids. She tested hers out already and I will have the boy test his when he gets home from school.

I think they are going to be a winner.

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Jenniffer said...

I really love these- so creative and the colors you picked are just wonderful! What fun!