Thursday, November 18, 2010

a winter coat for a doll

Or Doll Clothes for Christmas: Part II

My interest has recently been renewed in one of the projects I mentioned and got started on a bit back which was to make doll clothes and package them up in a suitcase for Christmas for S.

Recently, on our way out the door to the playground Ms S instructed me (in her sweet way) to get something for her bunny to wear because the bunny would be joining us. And, then to find some shoes. Secretly, I was thrilled but didn't let on. Out of her closet came the tiny cotton slip that was mine as a baby and then the black patent leather shoes she wore as a baby. That bunny and her had the best time together on the swings that day.

This coat was made for a medium size doll. It actually seems to have come out a bit big. I don't know if that is from the felt which by nature is stiff but it does fit My Friend Dolls- Mandy and Jenny. I made it with wool felt and handmade seam binding. The felt was a bit fussy to work with. Interfacing the collar with 2 layers of felt was not the best idea but, worked out. Instead of buttons I used a ribbon to make a bow tie. After all, dolls need to keep warm when taken outside. Oh, and in case you were worried she has tights and maryjanes but she didn't want to wear them today with her riding outfit.

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Carrie said...

Your Mandy looks well loved. Look forward to checking out more outfits you make. The clothes my mom made have a definite 70's vibe - long wrap skirts, etc.