Friday, November 13, 2009

molly's little purses

What little girl doesn't want to carry around a purse like her Mama?

My little one although only 21 months old loves to imitate me and I thought this purse created by the Purl Bee would make an excellent gift idea.

These are easy to whip up so if you are searching for a handmade gift to make a little girl for the holidays I think these are really sweet. You could make your own handles too if you don't have or want to purchase the ones suggested though I absolutely love these handles.

I plan to give it to her for Christmas filled with some sweet things like a needle felted animal or two, some animal stickers and a few other little treasures.

I am searching around for ideas for toys to make a 4 year old boy that I would enjoy making and a boy this age would like. Let me know if you have seen anything great. I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks.


Made by Melissa said...

My son loves the plush snake I made him - do you crochet? The pattern is from Lion Brand's website

Sharon said...

I recently made some of those bean bag frogs from last century (you know...the 70s) and just goofed them up a bit...used several funky fabrics and left the edges ragged, big eyes...they cam out fun and look sorta boyish...

jenn said...

love this purse. That fabric is adorable, where is it from?

sew nancy said...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. They are great
Sharon- you are too funny.
Keep them coming.

Jenn- I know that fabric is so adorable. It's from Superbuzzy. I've had the 1/4 yard forever it seems so I don't know if they still have it.
The contrasting fabric is from Purl. Also bought about a year ago or more.

The handles are from Superbuzzy in case anyone is interested.

Amelia Plum said...

very cute bag but i want to see the rest of that light fixture, it looks great from what i can see.