Friday, November 20, 2009

letter from a penpal

Just for fun I thought I'd share a letter from a penpal written on August 10, 1986. This one is from Nicole in Australia. I wrote and received a lot of letters between 1981-1987. My family used to joke that I got the most mail in the house. These letters are like gold to me. I love them and I rarely take them out to read so that when I do it's like reading it for the first time again. This one almost made me pee my panties the other night perhaps because I was so tired or from having babies my bladder is weak but I laughed like crazy You will see! I hope it makes you laugh as much as it did me. I have left all typos and grammar exactly as it was written.
Nicole if you are reading this out there I hope this doesn't freak you out too much.
Oh, and by the way I never met any of my penpals

Dear Nancy,

Hi. How are you? All is fine here except my maths score (8/30 bad huh?)!!!) Right now I'm supposed to be studying hard ( hard is an under statement) Anyway I don't know if you got my last letter or not. Today at school we made soap in science. The stupid stuff felt like oil and stunk like beef lard. Gross! Today we had also had a demo of "cross" ( a game like hockey or polo) It's okay but it gets a bit boring. Do you have T.E. scores over there? (T.E. is Territory Enterance score if you didn't know) The higher the overall score is the higher the chance to get into college is. I'm feeling docile today. I just thought I'd write to say hi! Who is your fav. film and or tv star? Mine's Don Johnson. I love his song "Heartbeat." It's great. At the moment it's making it's way up the charts pretty damn fast. I could rave on about him forever. Do you realise that I've just written 4 lines about him. Do you like Wham! Did I tell you about Caboolture's " Peace Festival"? It's going to be a big 'un I've forgotten what I was going to write. Oh well, It's mustn't have been very important. Any pics of Don Johnson would be most appreciated. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I'd better go I'm supposed to be studying.
Love + Peace

P.S. Please send a photo
P.P. S Don Johnson's single "Heartbeat" is No. 26 on the charts AAAAAAAAHH!


Elizabeth said...

Nancy, that was so fun to read! I did a post awhile back about my pen pal that I have been writing to since fifth grade. We still write to this day, now we e mail though! I have the very first letter from 1973! I think they are so fun to read :)

melissa said...

that is pure brilliance. i think i'm going to have to dig out some of my old penpal letters from the 80's. those were the days!