Wednesday, November 18, 2009

highland heather wool socks

The last time I went on a vacation was in June 2006. I traveled with my husband, 7 month old son and my Mom to Scotland for a friends wedding. My brother, Christopher also met us over there. It was a wonderful trip and I have found myself thinking about this time in my life and trip recently. I really loved this year. There was a certain calm and newness to being a first time Mother, a little baby in my arms and a whole new life.

Having Scottish in my heritage I had always wanted to visit. I fell in love with the land. All that green! The rivers, mountains, castles & sheep grazing along the road. And, of course the cities and people.

While at the NYS Sheep and Wool this year I found myself attracted to this Peruvian Highland Heather wool. There was something about the shade, the richness of color so I bought one skein for 7 dollars not having a real plan in place for it.

About a month or so ago, I came across this pattern for My Basic Socks by Kit Zerbe. I was allerted to errata in the pattern by Claire and found the corrected version on Ravelry.

This yarn happened to be perfect for the pattern. It is soft and warm. A heavy sock that is good for wearing with boots or padding around the house. They also happen to remind me a lot of Scotland and the heather growing along the roads.

This is my first pair of handmade socks and were very easy to knit.


Denise said...


Elizabeth said...

Love the socks! I too fell in love with Scotland when I visited back in 2004. My husband is of Scottish decent as you would guess by my last name of Mackey.
The people were great, and I loved all the baked goods there, and some of the sea food places we went to. I really want to go back again soon :)

Amelia Plum said...

love the color, i'm whore for a good heather. those socks look super comfy, especially on that white white comforter.

Claire Louise Milne said...

Congratulations on your first pair of knitted socks. I just finished mine too, it was a nice pattern wasn't it?
Yours look so cosy!