Sunday, June 17, 2007

Renegade Review

I attended Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This year it took place in a different spot which I wasn't so crazy about. The tables were closer together and in a box/grid which I thought made it much more crowded and harder to take in. In previous years it was spread in a big oval around the park which was much more relaxing to stroll around. The fair had a lot of the same crafters that had been there in previous years so there was not a whole lot of new to see. I also felt there was a lot of redundancy. I'd like to see more of a variety in future years especially in handknits/crochet which there is hardly any of, quilting, felting, jewelry and various other forms of craft. However, that said there were a lot of amazing people there. A few of my favorites included The Black Spot Books- amazing journals and interesting jewelry, Lucy's Vintage - stuffies printed with images of patterns and book covers, Betsy Ross - sewing patterns and Wren Handmade whose crochet bracelets and flower bobbies are shown above. I would have loved to buy some items from her and as it turns out when I came home to check her website that she is also a craft editor at MSL. She is amazingly talented.
Here are her animals
My favorite kids tees were these by Girl Popcorn.
Oh, and of course it was great to see and meet in person Emily and Sarah.
I intended to take a lot of photos but, upon entering the fair completely forgot about my camera until I was about to leave.

Next year I hope to apply and share in the fun as a seller.


Felicia said...

Thanks for sharing these groovy shops :) I think you should definitely have a booth there next year. I went to ICE Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and I decided I want to try a booth there next year too.

Jelly Wares said...

Wow!! The links you put in this post are great. I love Wren Handmade, those crochet bracelets are just gorgeous.


Amelia Plum said...

those stuffies are adorable! she's quite the talented crafter, guess that's why she's working for martha