Saturday, June 9, 2007

4 Good Blocks

Center Square Block from Mailorder # 7

Dear Blocks-

You made me crazy but, I forgive you. After all, I made you much harder then you needed to be. I tried to do it...let's just say it like this...'my way' 7 different times, 7 different ways until finally...yup, I got 4 good blocks.

I know you are not done. You still need your seam allowances finished, perhaps some backing, maybe some binding.

Right now, I want to look at you and admire you the way you are.

Things & people that helped:

-Samoas from the Girl Scouts of Maplewood, NJ that we bought last weekend during our outing there.
-A certain someone (Big M) who helped me figure out the directions.
-Patience from deep inside which I was not born with but, has surfaced in recent years most likely due to Motherhood.
-Seeing Sarah's blocks and pictures on Flickr.

Here is the reward, yup more cookies...homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and a cranberry seltzer that sits upon one of my new coasters.

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