Thursday, June 14, 2007

crafting on the road

I'm now ready to safely bring my sharp objects with me when I travel. Hip Hip Hooray!
This is another Lotta Jansdotter project. I'm a bit obsessed with this book at the moment. Sure, it's not exactly a home project like I said I'd be focusing on but, rather a 'leave the home project' which is not a bad idea to do once in a while especially with summer around the corner. And, of course one needs to bring along their tools to assist in their making wherever one may go. Here I have scissors, knitting needles, measuring tape, assorted writing implements, a small ruler/knitting needle gauge, a few safety pins, and a seam ripper. These could easily be swapped out for other items like paint brushes, embroidery floss etc.

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Felicia said...

It looks fantastic!