Monday, June 25, 2007

reading and crafting

Today I'm feeling torn between kicking back and reading during Little M's nap or doing more sewing and crafting. (And, yes I will sit somewhere other than the floor to read). This weekend I did a bit of both and also watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir which I found enjoyable and would recommend to lovers of old movies.

The skirt in the photo is one I made over the weekend - a simple a-line following these directions. It went fast and although the directions are very vague it was easy to improvise. I skimped on a waistband and just hemmed it like the bottom and I actually like the simpleness of just the four seams and the zipper on the side.

As you see in the photo I'm a Nancy Drew fan. I read all of them growing up. I can still see in my mind where they were located at the library. Several years ago, a co-worker of mine at a historical photo agency I worked for gave me a huge collection of hardcover Nancy Drew's which I keep at my parents. This one is the only one I have here at home for now.
I'm also reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith and am about to read No One Belongs Here More then You Stories by Miranda July. My friend Kim has read both and rated them over at her blog.

I've been busy doing some crafting both for Mackey Blue and for my Etsy shop which I've updated recently. My sales picked up at the store this weekend which I was pleased about as it was slow going up until now.

Little M and I went to our first Art in The Park this morning. He had fun opening and closing the big box of crayons. He is very into how things work lately. Also, he had a lot of fun pushing shaving cream around a table with mini plastic garden tools and making a belt out of yarn and little rubber foam shapes.


Amelia Plum said...

Glad to hear that sales have picked up for you at mackey blue. Having a bunch of hardcover nancy drew's is awesome - I loved those as a kid and wish I held on to the one's I read. I was always captivated by the way her hair was described as titian colored. To craft or to read, sounds like the modern sahm dilemma, although for me I'd also toss in to nap or to clean.

mushroommeadows said...

What a relaxing day! :) Two of my favorite things to do: reading and crafting. Little M sounds sooooo cute; I love it when kids play with shaving cream. They smell so good afterward.

Felicia said...

I love old black and white movies. Sadly I have none of the great stations that play them. My friend always called them old violin movies because inevitably there would be violins playing in the background. Glad your sales are picking up :)