Wednesday, March 13, 2013

upholstery project #2 - modern boudoir chair

Here is a chair that I upholstered myself. I talked about working on this here so I thought I should show it to you. It is pretty different looking and more modern then how it originally looked. I did away with the skirt feature at the bottom and piped around the arms and sides. I finished this up early in February and started last Spring. I chose white duck cloth as my fabric which I questioned myself about a dozen times. I love white upholstery so that was not the issue so much but, I think a pattern would have been more fun to work with. I had to make a quick decision and stay within budget and the budget issue was what limited me the most as all the patterns and beautiful fabrics I liked were way out of my price range. I paid about $100 for the fabric. I am in the process of changing up my daughters room where this was heading and I wanted to make sure it would fit into any decor. I spent a lot of time on this and towards the end it was a bit boring and it felt like a drag which was what slowed me down. I plan to scotch guard it this week to help keep it clean and I figure if it gets dirty I can stencil it or have a talented artist paint on it.

The piece came from a neighbor a few doors down who was moving and let me walk away with some furniture for free.

The above pictures show the chair in her room and the ones below the before and process of working on it.
I am not taking the class this semester and miss it. Hopefully, I will return to it later this year.


the fabric is not awful and even has it's own sweet charm but it's old and dirty and needs a change.

I really love the middle process of building the chair up.


Elizabeth said...

Looks pretty snazzy now :)

jenn said...

wow! you did an amazing job! I would love to learn to reupholster. Gives you so many options!!
I love that dollhouse, too! So much nicer than the giant pink Barbie one we have! ha!