Thursday, November 8, 2012

alphabet sampler

I am working on the alphabet sampler by Alicia Paulson. I decided to start it the day I read about her adopting a baby girl a few weeks ago. I was so happy when I read the news on Alicia's blog. Hers was one of the first I read years ago. The kit had been sitting around for a few months now so I was happy for the excuse to start something new. I forgot how fun cross stitch is. I am up to the 'teacup' now which is next to the letter 't.'


Elizabeth said...

Isn't Alicia's story amazing! Her little daughter is so precious and it is so fun to read about her life. I have been reading since the beginning and, and she was the reason I started blogging. I think of her as the godmother of the craft blog world :)

I love to embroider, but I never got the hang of the counted cross stitch. I get how to start in the center and all, but if you are doing it on a tight weave linen, how to you get the pattern even, if that makes any sense? This new kit of hers is so sweet. I'm working on a couple of Sublime stitching patterns now. One for me and one for my daughter for Christmas

jenn said...

Oh, I just bought this, and thought it would be something fun to do this winter. Although I've never done counted cross stitch, so it should be interesting!

melissa said...

it's beautiful. i love this sampler and i know you'll make a gorgeous version. x