Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a cranberry girl dress

A cranberry girl dress from the much loved book Peter in Blueberry Land.
I have been wanting to make this for a long time and she has been asking for one for a few years so I am happy I finally can cross this off the list.

I didn't use a pattern or follow any sort of directions which worked out fine. I purposely made it a bit longer for growing room. I decided to put a zipper in the back from the halfway point of the bodice up and I used white muslin and lightweight cotton in red for the dress. The bonnet I made a few years back. I know she will enjoy playing dress up with it. She was quite excited to put it on.

S has quite the imagination and really likes to create stories, talk to her dolls and animals and draw pictures all day. I can totally see her making up her own little books soon enough. Her favorite craft is her letters which she makes daily. She draws a picture (this morning it was clown hats) and then folds it up and then makes an envelope for it all out of construction paper and delivers it to the lucky person. I love waking up to something handmade by her. It is a really nice way to start the day.

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Blaze said...

Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I have been doing well! You inspired me to write an update post. :) This dress is so sweet!

Your cranberry girl is so cute! I love the dress you made, and what a lucky mama you are to get special homemade gifts from her creative hands. xo!