Sunday, June 26, 2011

shoofly quilt

Here are the blocks I showed previously being hand washed and line dried all pieced together.

I had 26 and I used 25 of them to make this quilt. The fabrics are old and the pieces are faded in some spots but, the colors and patterns are still so rich and look so great together that I just had to put them to use. They were hand pieced but, I used the machine to put them together.

The vintage blocks are from the 30's and 40's and I won them on ebay for $36 in 2008. I knew I saved my emails for a good reason. I backed it in white cotton and tied with red embroidery floss. The binding is the only part I regret. I should have used a wider binding. I wanted brown and I had some brown store bought binding so I went with that but, it was a pain to hand sew to the back because there was only a scant amount to work with.

It measures 45" x 45" and if my research proves correct the pattern is called Shoofly.


the fabled needle (jen) said...

Oh! It's wonderful, I'm glad you made it into a quilt. I like this shoofly pattern.

Dacia said...

wow!! that is amazing! I love it.

Physiotherapy in Cheshire said...
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convert 2d to 3d said...

Really you made it in great way. I like the pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Promosyon  said...

Beautiful fabrics. Good colour combinations and designs. I will definitely going to purchase it for bed room. Thanks for sharing!