Friday, August 21, 2009

a wildnerness wanderings skirt

I suppose if a skirt stays on your mind for a year and a half you must really like it.

I had all the materials and the inspiration to make my own wilderness wanderings skirt.

The linen I used is more lightweight then the one Melissa used and I made it for Scarlet to wear a few years down the road as to why no pictures of her in it. I love the idea of all the pockets good for holding tiny treats & treasures.

Which reminds me someday I need to finish my Sugar Loom and Little Red dress I started.


Fine Little Day said...

So nice with those patches!

melissa said...

Oh, your version is so lovely. My daughter didn't like to wear hers because the linen was to heavy. Now my younger girl likes it though and doesn't seem to mind the weight. I guess it could get really if she filled up all those pockets!