Monday, August 17, 2009

see-saw margery daw (sold her bed and lay upon straw)

This summer we discovered a playground in town that was introduced to us as the 'secret playground' because you can't see it from the street and wouldn't know it was there.

Secret playground has a see saw and I always get this nursery rhyme stuck in my head while we are there because the kids are obsessed with the see-saw. I don't know how popular see-saws are anymore because we have been to a lot of playgrounds and this is the only playground I've found with one. We actually do know the name of the playground but of course it's more fun to call it secret or see-saw playground.

In case you are worried there is an adult right outside the frame but Ms.S holds on really well and her brother sort of takes it easy on her.

Oh here he is....

S cries when we take her off.
Speaking of safety what she isn't safe around is the blackberry bushes. The girl could just stand there and eat all day and be happy. Okay she might need some pizza too.The other day she tripped trying to get one and cut her forehead. I almost died at the sight of all the blood but she is fine.

Some unexpected information found here. The things one learns when doing blog posts.

Oh, and I made that skirt which she is wearing here. It's a rich chocolate brown corduroy with light blue pin dots.
It's going to be so good with tights and stuff.


Amelia Plum said...

they're getting so big! that skirt is adorable, she looks so cute in it with the pretty shirt and sandals. see saws are hard to come by on playgrounds these days. a neighbor of mine said that a lot of the possible 'litigation worthy' equipment has been removed but the injury rate doesn't go down - kids just get all parkour on the safe equipment, which gives me a panic attack! there's a merry go round at one of the playgrounds we go to, very fun and a good way to tucker everyone out.

Elizabeth said...

You really don't see see-saws anymore do you?! I use to love playing on them,but I do remember my brother not being very nice,and hoping off too quick, leaving me with a sore bum!
They look so happy on it!