Friday, August 14, 2009

a crewel work handbag

I mentioned a while ago that my Mom was cleaning out her attic.
She has been unearthing all sort of treasures that belonged to her grandmother Mary.

I have been receiving all sorts of pretty linens and laces.
I love how important tea time was to my Great Grandmother. She being Scottish took her afternoon tea seriously and always must have set the table just so. I suppose in doing so you wanted to dress your table in new and different ways and therefore the case for all the beautiful embroidered linens, crochet doilies, tea cozies and little pieces to place your dishes upon.

One surprise we found nestled in was this unfinished crewel work handbag. At least this is what my Mom and I took it to be.
It was just missing it's handles. So, I found some and stitched them on. I'm not sure this was the best method of doing so but, I wasn't sure how else to finish it. There are some threads that have come undone and I've though about maybe trying to rework some of the stitches with crewel thread but, I'm also enjoying it looking a bit worn.

This has to be at the very least 40 years old but, most likely older then that.
I am happy to give it purpose and love holding something in my hand that someone whom I never met gave such loving attention to. Someone whom I'm sure would have been happy to see her great grand-daughter caring as much for.

Some embroidered tablecloths


Elizabeth said...

What a lovely little treasure! I hope one day I will be able to pass all the things I have made on to my grandchildren.

P.S. I'd love to send the book and tea towels off to you. I'm not sure if you already tried,and it just didn't go through, but I need your mailing address to do so.
my e-mail is:

Amelia Plum said...

that handbag is goregous! man, you really luck out with all the treasures your mom has stored up for you.

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous embroidery! I love those purple pansies. ;)