Wednesday, January 14, 2009

mary jane slippers

I have always loved Mary Jane shoes. They are the 'it' shoe for little girls and big girls with little girl hearts. Last year I found this pattern on PurlBee and immediately knew I wanted to make them.
Almost a year later I have my slippers.
With the temperatures in the teens and more time spent indoors this was the perfect project to make and start enjoying in the Winter. In January when things are sort of blah, the bright colors and soft shoes are perfect for a little pick me up.
Go ahead and knit yourself a pair- you won't be sorry.
All the details of yarn, needles are the same ones you find in the pattern.


Fine Little Day said...

So nice.

kristi said...

my very favorite style of shoe is the mary jane. if i could have all mary jane shoes i would.

i have a pair of these slippers i bought at target, but they are falling apart. guess that's one advantage to making your own--you know they will last longer. :)

very cute colors! very spring-y.

Carolyn said...

Love the colors. They're like the knitted version of my Fluevog Mary Janes....

Jessica said...

I am knitting these as well, but am completely confused by the icord technique, any help would be great.

sew nancy said...

Thanks everyone

Carolyn- Yes, they are quite close. I also loved those shoes of yours!

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