Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the dollhouse

One year for Christmas when I was a young girl Santa brought me a dollhouse. Santa or rather Mrs. Santa (okay my Mom) pieced together and painted this dollhouse for me and now as of 2 days ago it is now in my home and my room. I'm thinking of putting it in the attic though today and surprising the baby with it when she is a little older (or should I put it in her room now?)decisions...

I spend part of the morning playing with my dollhouse and memories of playing with it surfaced and it was just wonderful. Such a delightful moment in time as I took out each doll and chair, brass bed and bedding, the pie, a little vase and cups, sink etc.

I've noted that a few pieces are missing: the table, the boy doll and baby doll but it appears most of it is there and intact.

There is also a pretty needlepointed rug that was made by my Aunt Lillian. I would never have remembered that she made it had this not come up in conversation recently.

My Mom ripped the rugs out because they were old and most likely yucky. Carpeting was more in style then.

Right now I don't want to do anything to it but, someday I may remodel it. Then again maybe I won't for history's sake.

How can you not love the spinning wheel?

Note: This year Santa brought the kids this dollhouse which is a bit more sturdy and can withstand rougher play.


Carrie said...

oh! i had a doll house, too--it was my mom's from the 50's and so lovely. it is in my folk's attic and will be brought out next time i'm home, thanks to this post!

Zephyr said...

What a wonderful treasure!...such a marvelous gift.

kristi said...

my dad built a dollhouse for me and my sister when we were little girls. it was an exact replica of the house we lived in, down to the handmade shingles, columns, everything. he spent months out in the shed working as "santa" in preparation for christmas.

then as we got older, and grew out of it, my parents made the (awful) decision to sell it at a yard sale.

i am so sad they did that. i often wonder where it is now, who is enjoying it, hoping it didn't end up in some junk yard.

what a glorious treasure! (and i vote for putting it in her room now...) :)

XUE said...

I love dollhouses & mini, mini stuff so I enjoy coming upon blogs that have posts like yours. I didn't have toys as a child so my children's toys are my first toys. We had so much fun making a dollhouse/apt/restaurant from a shoebox & the things that would go with it. You can see it here -