Friday, January 9, 2009

finally friday

I couldn't think of a title for this post so please forgive this silly one, ok?

So, the baby is sick- coughing, runny nose and I think teething too. She has been having trouble sleeping. Poor girl! The night before last I only had three hours sleep. Yikes!

M only had school one day this week as it was cancelled on Wed. (he usually goes 2 mornings) because of ice (which there was not much of).
Okay, but all in all it wasn't really a horrible week. Just long! I got used to those short holiday weeks.
So, how about some sweet things to brighten up your Friday.
I have been working on inventory mostly this week

I've been doing some appliques (here is a sampling)

And, some sewing of smocks (actually made 2 of that pink one so four all together)

Some mailing out of birthday invitations and thinking about party decor etc.
Someone is turning 1 next month.
We customized the invite with our info. but found the layout here.

And... knitting another pair of slippers because I wasn't all that crazy about the fit on these ones. I still wear them though. Am crossing my fingers that the news ones are done next week.

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Anonymous said...

Those smocks look SOO adorable, and I love the appliques! :) What fun!

I hope your little one feels better soon. :)