Sunday, December 7, 2008

village frock

Too small for her pretty red linen village frock (it's a size 2) but, one day she will wear it and stroll in the village... Okay, maybe she will skip and maybe perhaps she will have a bit of baguette in her hand and little crumbs will fall as she eats leaving her trail behind for tiny animals and they will follow her mystified by the beauty of her red dress and the little girl in it.

When that days comes she will fit her frock properly.

For now let's pretend she is a billowy angel floating on a cloud.


Elizabeth said...

How adorable is that baby girl?!!

carrie said...

so sweet--and i love the image of her skipping with tiny animals following behind!

amy said...

gorgeous! i have been wanting that pattern and had no idea it was on sale again. i am going to get it now!