Tuesday, December 16, 2008

gingerbread mobile and cookies

We made some gingerbread cookies on Sunday.

I had remembered a Martha Stewart spread from last year that I liked where she had made a gingerbread mobile. Here it is.
So, I made one too but, much less elaborate.

I had thought that they were hardened enough after a few hours of cooling to make the mobile but, I realize now I should have waited a few days as sadly all the angels have now fallen and suffered a rather untimely death. Currently their heads are hanging and it looks very silly so I need to fix that pronto.

Here are some other cute little cookies.

Oh, and they are really yummy too. The recipe is from here.


Fine Little Day said...

Pity it didin´t last, a great performance and idea :)

Melodie said...

i needed this for my post on mobiles! love the blog!