Thursday, December 18, 2008

a 'little red' lovey blanket

This is the hand stitching project I alluded to before. It's a lovey for Ms. S. It is stitched on organic cotton flannel and I used wool felt and embroidery floss to create this Little Red Riding Hood scene. The imagery is heavily borrowed from Japanese craft books.

If you are unfamiliar with lovies -they are a little blanket that the Mom sleeps with for a few nights and then it is given to the baby so that they can have their Mama's scent nearby. It's like a little security blanket. So, I am a little late on this one but, not too late.

I like the symbolism of Little Red venturing out on her own like Ms. S will do one day and the adventures she will meet along the way.

To finish I blanket stitched another piece of the organic flannel to the back. I will wrap it for her for Christmas day.


amy said...

that is so adorable and sweet! she will love it!

carrie said...

nancy, this is so lovely! scarlet is a lucky girl!