Sunday, October 7, 2007


We tried out the Sprinkles cupcake mix from William Sonoma this weekend. I think they were pretty good but, they don't get my highest rating. The cake was a bit too dense for me but, overall good reviews from the taste testers. I'm guessing the ones in the bakery are better than the mix.

Working on a project from this book that I am super excited about. I can even follow the directions which I can't say is always the case with the Japanese craft books.

Finished and handed off these wool felt beads (so sweet they look like you can eat them) for a family member. Also, finished and gifted some other handmade projects this weekend.


Amelia Plum said...

is that a felted coin purse of a bird on the cover of that book? that is totally adorable, you've got to try making one of those.

carrie said...

how do you have so much energy/time for crafting AND baking?? i'm envious and your cupcakes look delicious!

Felicia said...

Love all those felted beads :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Girly Girl Mommie,
These wool felt beads look so lovely on an alabaster dish on a nightstand in our guest bedroom. They add some color to a room that is done in white and sage. Thanks again. SCS