Thursday, October 11, 2007

patchwork towels & tissue holders

I'v been itching to use some of my fabric scraps from the swap I did recently and with gift giving season here in a few months I decided to sew up some simple gifts. Most of the fabrics are from my partner but, there are a few from my stash. My shoulder needed a little break from the knitting.
For the Mom's I made some patchwork tea towels with new towels I had on hand. I chose fabrics with them in mind. Please excuse the need for ironing.

For stocking stuffers, I used Kate's tutorial to sew up some simple tissue holders. These are so easy to do and a bit addictive. My favorite is the plaid and dots. I'd like to try some more variations and some embellished ones as well.


Mark & Kelly said...

I like the tea towel idea for moms, I have just the fabric! -kb

Felicia said...

Pretty tissue holders :)