Monday, September 10, 2007

a business card

I've been meaning to put together a business card for a long time. I realize this is not a big deal for most people but, for me it was something I procrastinated on for a long time.
After deliberating on design for way too long, I finally decided enough was enough and got a stamp made about a month ago. I liked everything about it except for the flower botanical that was on the left. It looked messy and you couldn't make out what it was. I suppose I needed something more simple in the way of line art so that part of the stamp got cut out. What is left is just the simple basic information and I can stamp them myself whenever I need more. I got red, black and sepia toned ink pads and I used a typewriter font for the text.
Actually, my cell phone number is listed on it as well but, I don't feel comfortable posting that so I removed that from this photo.

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