Sunday, September 16, 2007

8 Random Facts & some highlights from this weekend.

Dacia tagged me to do a meme and write 8 Random Facts about myself. So, here they are.

1) I love getting dressed up and almost always wear a skirt or dress. I also love tights, socks, shoes and jewelry.
2) I love miniatures and tiny things: dollhouse furniture, trinkets, cherry blossoms in my pocket, spools of thread...
3) Between the years of 1981- 1987 I had many pen-pals all over the US, several in Europe, one in Africa and one in Australia. I like to imagine that one day perhaps in my old age I try to find them all again and reconnect. I've saved many of their letters.
4) I am not a morning person. In fact, my husband, Mick, brings me breakfast in bed every day. Isn't he amazing?
5) I hardly ever watch television anymore. I have no patience for it and there is so many other things I'd rather be doing.
6) I always refer to my son on my blog as Little M. His name is Matthew Gray. We also call him Matty and Momo. He pronounces his name Matthieu (the French way) and always kisses both cheeks.
7) I am the oldest child of three and the only girl. I am named after my grandmother's nicknames. Their real names were Agnes and Jaleelie. My name is Nancy Jill
8) Someday I'd like to live in the country in a big old victorian house with lots of land and lie in the grass star-gazing at night.

Okay, I'm also supposed to tag some people...sorry if you have already been tagged

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Wren Handmade my house is cuter than yours
Amelia's Plum
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Good luck, ladies!
- Players write a post describing eight random facts about themselves.
- They then “tag” eight bloggers to write similar posts, including the rules.
- The players then leave a comment on blogs they’ve tagged to tell them

Also, I have lots of crafty stuff to show you. I just need to photograph it all and make some time to write about it. Also, up for me this week will be making apple desserts. We picked McIntosh, Jonamac and Jonagold so if you have good recipes for those let me know.
Plus, I have some Big News to tell you soon.

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Amelia Plum said...

I loved reading the 8 random facts about you. Boy, you are really lucky to have mick bringing you breakfast in bed every day, what a guy! Thanks for tagging me but I have no one to tag in return so the meme is going to dead end with me. Take care:)