Thursday, January 14, 2016

the knitty gritty club

                                                    Sashiko sampler in progress

                                                            Scarlet's penguin

Some friends and I recently started a Mother, Daughter craft club. Actually, Marith started it in December with tea, cookies and ornament making and we all had such a good time we continued it.

Last Saturday we had our second get together and the ladies worked on sashiko projects and the girls on needle felting projects. We named ourselves 'The Knitty Gritty Club' and we will plan to meet about once a month. I love that we are going to have this dedicated time together to socialize and learn and teach new skills. The girls are having so much fun too.

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Marith said...

Love the Knitty Gritty club! Thanks for introducing me to Sashiko