Wednesday, November 5, 2014


When I let time pass, things build up and then I forgot what I wanted to blog about. In the 'old' days when I blogged more often I could keep track. So, today I'll show you something I finished in the first half of October. I didn't take pictures of this at the time on my son because as I was finishing it that was the day he fell and got a big gash on his face which is still in the healing process but does not look as awful as it did the first few weeks. Since then I've also finished and destroyed a sweater I made him. This one, Lancelot, as I had an error in it I could not overlook. I am having trouble with the directions and it's not the technique since I've done short rows dozens of times. It's after joining the sleeves and working the yoke. The directions do not make sense to me. I did and still do have a fever so I'm going to wait it out and maybe rewrite the directions. It's certainly frustrating after 2 weeks of knitting to finish then unravel and cut (my goodness). It's now sitting in another room in a sad state. We are taking some space from each other till I work up the nerve to try to revive it.

This hat though, such a nice pattern, is called Puck and it was a fun knit using some fingering yarn I had in my stash. An unusual pairing of colors but, nice and autumnal. This boy gets excited about handmade knits. Here is the link to the hat. Design by Dani Sunshine

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