Monday, November 10, 2014

knitting with warm wool for babies

Here are 2 finished knits that I dived into the past few days using wool that I purchased in Rhinebeck, NY.

The hat is made with naturally dyed wool from Fiber Craft Studio. Sorry, I don't know which dye was used but, perhaps osage orange, myrobalan or turmeric. I made up the pattern for an ear flap hat for size 6 months. I love this shade of warm yellow. I tried walking away from it but, returned to pick it up with a lovely peach. I've talked about Fiber Craft Studio here before and would love to visit someday, it's located in New York State.

The romper is size 12 months and I used 0-wool which is an organic merino wool and is a wonderful environmentally friendly and affordable yarn that I really enjoyed knitting with. The company is situated in Philadelphia, PA and they use wool from South America and Australia. If you go to their website you can learn more about this company. I do have a beautiful red from here too. I see this romper paired with tights and a pretty blouse. I finished with vintage buttons the back.

I will be selling my handmade items next month at a local event in town. More on that soon.

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